Monday, April 9, 2012

Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple, Petaling Jaya

This temple was built by the Indian workers who put up the first telecoms tower on the 523ft high summit of Gasing Hill.At present it is undergoing renovation and there are matters concerning the size of the newly renovated building in relation to soil stability and erosion which remain unresolved. Thus, it has been deemed unsafe and shut by local authorities. Nevertheless it still functions at a temporary site a few metres away from the actual temple complex and continues to be a sanctuary for the faithful besides also being a popular attraction for tourists.. 

Spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur from the temple.

The temporary site. 


Shanthinigauthami Thangaraju said...

hi mr. puravin... can i get kinrara golden amman temple contact num.. need it... urgent... tq

Anonymous said...

In my experience Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple is powerful. I pray the temple will soon be stabilised and prayers can be resumed. As safety is paramount, and God has the last say, let us all pray to Shiva this Shivarathi to save this temple.

Perhaps if we all pray to Him, He will answer our prayers. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lord shiva will sit on his place back. Our high tech government shall be responsible for those safety measures and defect. I agree million percent this temple is powerful as lord siva presents there. Very peaceful meditation and many more things.....human nowdays can even rule god where to reside as though they are relatives of god. Im very dissapointed when they moved all deities to a temple at kampung pasir. Dont tell me there aren't any solution. These are somethg political secrets and man made mistakes providing safety defect as an excuse. How long is this gonna really fed up of going to temple...all those who try to control gods path they will die in bad shape......personally ive seen lord sivan during my meditation there andhe was in violet blue so huge. No one could believe as no evidence to proof yet unles we are given authorization to do some research and investigations. I want to become billionaire and buy that land back then set back the whole deities to reside at their place back. The Tharchanamoorthy there is so alive and powerful. Pls keepin touch with me for any info you get as sometimes im out of country on job task. I shall certainly contribute somethg from my side provided lord sivan sits there back. My email is »»»»»

Keep in touch pls for any info. Tq