Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sri Katpaga Vinayagar Thevastanam, Kajang

 9 feet high Durgai Amman

The Sri Katpaga Vinayagar Thevasthanam, formerly known as Sri Raja Rajeswari temple, was founded in 1969 and it is located in the heart of Kajang.The main deity of the temple is The Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari.

In 1999, a big flood hit the temple and damaged most of the temple.Therefore, in 2000 the deities had to be moved temporarily to higher ground on the other side of the river.That was when the temple changed its name to Sri Katpaga Vinayagar Thevastanam.In 2011 a second wave of floods hit the temple again and it caused massive damage to the new structure.At present the temple is being rebuilt, but due to financial constraints, progress is extremely slow. The temple committee welcomes any form of donation to help fund this project.


Construction of the new temple complex

The flood in 1999 

Damage caused by the flood

Relocation to higher ground in 2000 

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