Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arulmigu Sithi Vinayagar Temple, 1 1/2 mile, Jalan Meru, Klang

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Thiya said...

Book this temple for my engagement....took the money all but very poor service....didnt do as what they say...and also very rude...during engagement all the preparing was awfull..the furniture and accessories are very dirty and old when ask to change answer was very rude...but the chargers and during the booking said will give all the carpet and instrument during engagement all the thing are old and carpet only half the other half when asked the incharge refuse to say anything and run away...the head of temple is only good in talking very bad in action...really spoiled my engagement...table for couple also didnt do..all the chair left outside in relarive come and wipe all the chair and arrange...the took money for all the arrangement and cleaning...but didnt do...and in the end of engagement the man come and ask money brother for help cleaning the temple even though we alrdy pay full amount before the engagement for all of it...REALLY VERY BAD SERVICE AND VERY RUDE..