Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aathi Siva Sakthi Kanthareesar Temple, Kluang

Aathi Siva Sakthi Kanthareesar Temple
No. 50, Niyor
Kluang, Johor
Tel No.014-2743785

 This temple is unique because it is surrounded by Lingams and upon a closer look it appears as though the Nandi is holding a Sivalingam.

There are also Sivalingams according to nachatirams or astrological stars
  and of course at the centre of it all is the main installation at the Moolastanam; the giant Sivalingam of the temple.

Photos by Suriya Varman for

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pillz said...

Can some please share the contact no and person I can speak with, for prayers this Shivaraathiri ... I tried calling the no. that is published but it is not in use. ..
I will appreciate it very much.
Thank you