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Arulmigu Raja Rajeswari Temple, Taman Sentosa, Klang

Arulmigu Raja Rajeswari Alayam,
Taman Sentosa, Klang


History of the temple 


The Residents of Taman Sentosa housing scheme moved into the housing area in 1988. A group of Indians led by the late P.Ponniah mooted the idea of building a Hindu Temple in Taman Sentosa.

A meeting was held and a committee was set up an association under the name of “Persatuan Kebajikan Kaum Hindu” Taman Sentosa, Klang revived as ‘PKKH”. The relevant document for registration was forwarded to the authorities. On 14/1/1991, the Registrar of Society had forwarded us the registration certificate.The committee then approached the developer A&M Construction Sdn. Bhd for a piece of land to build the temple. Numerous meetings were held between the committee and the developer for a piece of land but it did not materialise. Meanwhile P.K.K.H. had set up an office at Lintang Dato Dagang 6, Taman Sentosa, Klang. Since it was the first association in Taman Sentosa, Klang at that time, the association had to solved numerous issues raised by the residents.

With the timely help of the late Mr. T.M. Thurai, the state assemblyman for the area who held a meeting with the developer A&M Construction Sdn. Bhd, a land measuring ¼ acres was allocated by the land owner Chong Hin Trading Co. The local council pursuant to their guidelines recommended to the State Government for ½ an acre and the government approved the same. The association then issued forms to do a survey to choose the main deity of the temple to the residents in the vicinity of the temple. The result shows, 90% of residents choose to build an Ambal Temple. The Association invited renowned Siva Sri Muthukumara Gurukkal to choose an Ambal at the main sanctum of our temple. Few names was selected and placed in to a container. A 5 year old child was asked to pick a note from the container. The Child selected the name of Supreme Mother of Universe Raja Rajeswari. The name was finalised as Sri Raja Rajeswari. Siva Sri Muthukumara Gurukkal visited the site of the temple and took a sample of the soil and placed in a container.A special prayer was conducted.

The application for the land was submitted no approval was given to build the temple. The association was left in dilemma of unable to build a temple. A group of devotees proceeded to build a temple at the site with the help of a local contractor Mr. Muthiah on 19th December, 1994 on the basis of self funding. The small temple, then, held its prayer on the said date. Subsequently, with the blessing of our universal mother, the developer had their meeting and agreed not to proceed to demolish the temple.

The temple subsequently received electricity and water connection one day before the inauguration ceremony thanks to the late Mr. Bala from 4 ½, Kg Jawa, Klang. The temple held its inauguration ceremony on 6/2/1995 and soon after that, handed over the temple to P.K.K.H. 

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