Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Section 23, Shah Alam

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
Section 23, Shah Alam

Formerly known as :
1.Sungai Renggam Estate Maha Mariamman Temple 
2.Section 19 Maha Mariamman Temple

This 150 year old Mariamman Temple was relocated from Section 19, (once part of the famous Sungai Renggam Estate; Malaysia's largest producer of rubber in its heyday) to it's current location in Section 23 but it was not an easy journey...

Work in progress...

 Controversial Relocation

This temple is famous for it's controversial relocation from section 19 to section 23. This chapter in Malaysian history saw the decline of religious tolerance when a group of 50 extremists marched with a cow's head in protest of the building of this temple in section 23.Apparently, the population in areas surrounding the new site was predominantly Muslim thus a building of a temple was unacceptable. The temple has finally been relocated to a different site but still within the boundary of Section 23, Shah Alam. It is now situated at a riverside industrial zone near Taman Sri Muda which is just across the river. This temple continues to function with regular poojas in a temporary building a few metres from the permanent structure which is currently under construction. The Maha Kumbabishegam will be held on the 23rd of January 2013. Work on the new temple is in the final stages and the beauiful new temple has already begun to unravel itself.

The temple is currently functioning from this temporary building.

The controversial cowhead protest! 
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Can't believe some people can be inhuman in the name of religion. They r worse than animals.

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People are being so inhuman in the name of religion. So insane

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Act like a human. Don't use animals to revenge each other

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