Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sri Saptha Kanni Alayam, Sungai Samak Estate (Sepong Division), Ulu Bernam

Sri Saptha Kanni Alayam,
Ladang Sungai Samak, Bahagian Sepong,
36500,Ulu Bernam, Hilir Perak
(Sungai Ulu Bernam, Sepong Estate)

This Saptha Kanni temple was founded by the early Indian plantation workers of this estate more than 120 years ago.The family whose ancestors built this temple still live there and those who have moved out of the estate still visit this temple on a regular basis.  To reach this estate from down south, one has to cross the Bernam River from Sungai Panjang in Selangor.The estate itself lies well within the state of Perak bordering Selangor.Journey to this temple from Selangor is made possible by a ferry ride across 'Sungai Bernam' from a jetty at Sungai Panjang in Sabak Bernam.

The ferry trip across the Bernam river to Sungai Samak Estate from which the journey continues on road to the Sepong section of the Estate where the temple is located.

 The original installation of the 7 Goddesses 
brought from India by the founders of the temple.

The founders:
 Amarar Vethasalam Kanggani and Madam Kannamah

 Special thanks to
 Mr Kannan; grandson of Mr Vethasalam,
 for the valuable information and pictures.


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Does anybody have the contact no of this temple?

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Yes I do. Contact Kumar 016 560 9642. The thiruvizha is this Saturday/Sunday 19th-20th Dec 2015.